Change is not easy. But it is possible.

Achieving your goals begins here.

Too many people fail to achieve their goals because they fail to select appropriate goals. I help with that - and help you stay on track.


I've created a "Structure for Change," that helps my clients develop achievable goals, overcome obstacles and stay focused.


Whether you're a corporate client who needs help with strategic business planning or an individual, who needs assistance with focus and/or personal accountability to expand your potential, using my results-oriented approach, you will learn what it will take for you to succeed, and then, I'll help you build on your accomplishments.

"Both dreamers  and doers have vision. The difference between them is that a doer also develops an action plan and implements it."

Ellen Spiegel

Visit my YouTube channel to learn the elements of my "Structure for Change," hear some of the underlying stories, and access tips and tricks to help you on your journey


Clients receive personalized attention, as well as specific insights. Political candidates and business leaders find my insights particularly helpful, as I've walked in their shoes, and I understand their challenges firsthand.


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