Coaching/Mentoring for Political Candidates

and Elected Officials

As your Coach/Mentor, I can help you:


  • Manage work-life-campaign balance and stay focused;
  • Determine whether public life is right for you and your family (and in what time frame);
  • Develop a personal plan for launching and executing your campaign;
  • Gain awareness of candidate training programs and mentor you as you implement what you learned in those programs; 
  • “Do it yourself” before you can afford to hire a Campaign Manager; and
  • Stay on track as you navigate your campaign and manage work-life-campaign balance.


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Additionally, I can refer you to vendors (such as professional Campaign Managers, Fundraising Consultants, Social Media Consultants, Mail Shops, Printers, etc.) and help you assess which vendors would be good fits for your needs and your budget.


I'm often asked about the difference between a Campaign Coach/Mentor and a Campaign Manager.  Click here to find out! 


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